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Welcome to the 4th best Wiffle Ball™ Wiki in cyberspace. With your help (please edit!) we can be widely considered at least the 3rd best, maybe even the 2nd best, Wiffle Ball Wiki known to the interwebs.

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All things wiffle (products of The Wiffle Ball, Inc.) including, but not limited to:

History of Wiffle Ball products: from wooden bat (yes, wood!) to plastic bat and flying disc. Also, wiffle ball varieties (softball, regulation, etc.). Including collectibles such as MLB player endorsed versions and MLB player wiffle discs (included in packages) Wiffle Ball Leagues, Organizations, and rules. Regional, Municipal -- including rules and regulations governing play. Official Wiffle Ball rules -- for gameplay How to curve a Wiffle ball. "Not a Wiffle Ball" -- covering alternatives, not official "The Wiffle Ball, Inc." products that could include golf balls, plastic balls with holes, etc.

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